Attestation of MA Certificate is the act of witnessing a MA Certificate by authorised person/persons/Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation of certificates confirms that a specified MA Certificate has been issued by the University and Seal and signature on that particular Certificate is genuine. Attestation is the evidence by which MA Certificate is attested or an indication that makes it evident or proof. Legalisation or Authentication or Attestation of MA Certificate is a process, which has to be completed in an Original MA Certificate or document or a copy of it (rare cases) for the use of it in Foreign Countries or inside the Country. Attestation or authentication on a MA Certificate is the true and accurate representation of the facts or the authenticity of that MA Certificate. Attestation of MA Certificate means - The action of bearing the witness to affirm to be correct, true or genuine. Attestation Service is a consulting service that providing services to the public for attestation of MA Certificates. Attestation report is a report which expresses a conclusion about the reliability of a specified MA Certificate.

Beware of Duplicate or Fake Attestation on your Original Certificates. A wrong decision of hand overing your original documents to an unknown agent may cause you a Huge Loss!!!


Attestation or Authentication or Legalization procedures to be completed in a MA Certificate from India or abroad for the use of it in Foreign Countries like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi. We can complete all the following as well as related attestations or Verifications on your MA Certificate without your presence in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi and USA.

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