How do I seek a job in Gulf ? How does attestation help ?

You need someone in Gulf who can legally sponsor you. He can be your relative or a company who is going to employ you. Through your sponsor, you can obtain a residential permit and then apply for a labor card The labor card will permit you to obtain employment.. Attestation of your original certificates proves valid in Gulf countries for getting Employment Visa, Family Visa, Dependant visa. Trade Visa from Labor department of UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi as so on…

Are authentication / attestation / legalization / verification / notarization the same ?

More likely these terms mean the same. The main intention of all these terms used - finally lands up to get Embassy or Consulate attestation. Authentication - confirms the identity of a person Attestation is an evidence which states that a document is attested.

Legalization is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine Verification - the documents are verified by the university and termed as authentic Notarization - is the stamping or sealing, dating and signing the document after sufficient evidence and ensures authenticity.

Should I attest the Originals or photocopies ? What if laminated ?

Attestation is done on the reverse of the Originals. If originals are laminated, we will remove the lamination and get the attestation done.

What are the supporting documents required for attesting the original educational certificates ?

You need to submit – Original certificates, Original Mark lists (all semesters) , Passport copies, Job Offer Letter, Authorization letter and photo.

What should I do in case of Loss of Original Certificates ?

You need to go to the University /College and submit a Lost Certificate Application ..Go to the territorial police station where from it was lost and lodge one FIR (First Information Report) . Get a copy of the FIR after signing by the Duty Officer and IPC no.(Indian Penal code) on it Then use this copy for applying for duplicate certificates. Repeated follow up is required. You can take the help of UROGULF.

What is the duration of attestation of Educational documents ?

In case of HRD attested documents, it normally takes 8 to 10 days for attestation from all departments including Ministry of External Affairs and Embassies like UAE, SAUDI, OMAN,QATAR, BAHRAIN etc… Documents that require HRD or GAD attestation will first go for verification and the duration depends upon the completion of university verification.

What is Same day or attestation on Urgent basis ?

Attestation on Urgent basis is done on the same day from the UAE Embassy saving extra two days. You need to pay extra charges for this . There will be an extra seal indicating same day attestation..

Should the payment be done upfront or can I pay after the attestation is completed ?

We leave it to you - as per your convenience . Initially you can pay a small amount . Attested documents will be despatched only after the final payment in cash or payment confirmation received from the bank.

How do I pay ?

You can send DD or At Par Chq along with the document or remit Cash or Money Transfer to our Account.

How do I know the status of my certificate attestation ?

We note down your email id. We will send the ID and Password directly to your mail box.. You need to visit our site Track and enter your ID and PW there to view your status.

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