World Education Services (WES)

We provide Verification Services for WES or World Education Services from India and Abroad.
World Education Services (WES) is an organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in Canada and USA.
Urogulf Global Services (UGS) is the organisation that provides Certificate Attestation, Authentication, Verification and related Services from India and other Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia etc. for the national and international students, immigrants or job seekers to migrate, study, work and do business abroad.

Urogulf has been assisting the candidates to get the University Verification for the World Education Services (WES) from the Universities of India and other Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia etc. Contact Us for the latest information and Services about the WES Verification process before you submit the documents to the Universities or any other third party agents.

WES Verification...Complications and Confusion:

Getting WES Verification from the Universities or other educational institutions is a big challenge for the residents and non-residents, whose location is different from the University's location.
The possible solution at present for the certificate holders is to:-
  • Browse through internet to identify the documents needed by their college/university.
  • Look for the people travelling to the documents- issued City / Country and hand over the documents to them.
  • Mail all the required documents over to the friends or relatives, who go to the university in person and submit the request.
  • Hire people or strangers or unauthorized agents to do it for them.
  • The person will have to make multiple trips to Universities/Colleges, stand in long queues awaiting their number and go through repetitive regression cycles to provide required information, documents and get correct format etc. which involves abominable waste of time and energy.
  • All the above options are neither efficient nor secure.

Simplifying Your Complications :

Our focus here is to make the process as simple, easy and secure as possible, so as to save a lot of time and avoid mere waste of money. We have covered most of the colleges and Universities in India with our presence in almost all the major cities and states of India and Gulf. We also provide the services from UK, USA, Australia etc.
We have a standard and speedy procedure of getting WES Verification for your documents. Our service acts like an interface between the University and Student/Candidate seeking Verification for WES or World Education Services. The whole process is digitalized and hence it is hassle-free, fast and secure for you.
The applicant is not forced to go through repetitive regression cycles and avoid multiple trips to the university. We have complete awareness of the protocol and the University requirements in our database. Our interaction with the university and the applicant is thus clear and accurate.
Through us the entire process of getting Verification for WES or World Education Services is so simple. What you have to do is to make a visit to any of your nearest Urogulf office and submit the documents as per the requirements of University and WES or World Education Services.
Visit for the contact details of Urogulf branches and visit your nearest office. Within the specified duration you will get your documents verified and forwarded to the desired address.

How Does it work :

Contact or make a call to our experts in your city, so that they can assist and guide you through the process and documents required.
> Submit the required documents as per University and WES norms to our office located near to you.
> Make the payment at the counter or online or by bank transfer as soon as possible
> Our expert document procurement team will prepare an application packet and will take it through the requisite workflow from the source- institutions or University.
> Finally the sealed envelope of the Verification Report will be sent to the WES Centre. Some of the Universities will send it directly to the WES office; they will not send / handover the Verification Report to the Candidates or Agencies. Some Universities will send or handover the Verification Report to the Candidates or Agencies, which then needs to be sent to the WES office for further procedures.

Duration to complete the WES Verification process :

The duration to complete the process differs for each University. Normally it takes around 15 to 45 working days. We can also assist you to get the process completed as fast as possible.

What are the documents to be processed for WES?

This completely depends upon the WES, Universities and You. WES office has its own demands and requirements to be fulfilled and it may change. You can contact us for the latest information about the WES Verification requirements, before you proceed for the process. Normally you have to do the WES Verification process for the Certificates, all mark sheets and the WES Application form.

WES Verification Services are available through Urogulf Global Services from the Universities or Educational institutions of India and Abroad. You can submit your documents through any of the "150" plus offices of Urogulf or send it directly to any of our office Address.
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