The Government of Iraq requires the Certificate Attestation of all educational and non-educational certificates from India by Indian Embassy or Consulate for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq before providing Iraq visa.

Notary certificate attestation for Iraq

The primary process of getting attestation for Iraq Embassy is to get Notary on the document. This is the preliminary procedure of Iraq document authentication. The notarization means certificates are legalized for further verification. This notary attested documents will be submitted to the home department for Home department attestation. The documents will not be valid for Home Department attestation unless Notary is done over the document.

Home Department certificate attestation for Iraq

After notary attestation do the home department attestation in order to submit the document in MEA. The home department attestation have different names in different states. Such as norka, HRD, GAD etc. But the document verification procedure is same for all states. The contents of the specified document is authenticated by the home departments of the respective states. The home department attestation is also known as HRD(Human Resource Development Department) attestation. This is done by the respective state of the candidate.

MEA certificate attestation for Iraq

The third step is the MEA Attestation. MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs, located at New Delhi under the Govt of India. HRD attested certificate is required for MEA attestation before submitting to the Iraq Embassy. Candidates can not directly apply for MEA attestation instead they have to get the help of Urogulf for the same.

Iraq Embassy Attestation

After finishing MEA attestation, we can go for embassy attestation. Iraq embassy will attest the MEA attested educational and non-educational certificates.Nobody can directly apply for Embassy attestation. So for doing this contact Urogulf.

The Iraq embassy attestation is important to apply for family visit visa, employment visa, family resident visa, business visit visa or driving license while residing in foreign countries. The necessity for embassy verification arises in our lives from time to time. It is nothing new for all those planning to go abroad for business deals, higher education, employment, migration or travel purpose. Documents issued in one country and intended for use in another country must be "authenticated" or "legalized" in order to be recognized as valid in Iraq.

SDM attestation for Iraq

The Sub Divisional Magistrate's office is situated in Delhi. After getting Attestation from SDM , can submit the certificate to MEA attestation.

MOFA attestation From Iraq

After attesting documents from the issuing country or state, they have to be attested from MOFA ministry of Iraq.

We provide Iraq Embassy Attestation for the following documents